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Advanano's water filter passed the safety inspection of SIRIM QAS International in Malaysia. A sample of Advanano Health Care filter has passed the test in accordance with the standard method for Examination of Water and Wastewater 2005 and CEST/TP/AE/In-house 001 for Mercury (Test Report No: 2019CE1886).

SIRIM QAS International (www.sirim-qas.com.my) is Malaysia's leading safety inspection and certification agency. If you have any questions, please call SIRIM QAS International [03-5544 6400] for inquiries, or visit the Advanano store on the third floor of Plaza Low Yat for more information.

The Advanano Spring Water Filtration machine produces water with molecules at a nanocellular scale that makes it easy for the human body to absorb. Not only does Advanano filters remove bacteria and odors, it also increases the mineral content in the water naturally. Moreover, it produces alkaline water that is between ph 8.5 - ph 9.5. The Advanano Spring Water contains antioxidants, which is of great benefit to human health.
The Advanano Spring Water Filtration machine undergoes a natural filtration process which produces water close to the quality of mountain spring water that is pure and contains high amounts of trace minerals, hence the name “Spring Water”.
Advanano produces pure and natural Spring Water which is suitable for everyone to drink and benefits the health of all who consume it.
Electrolyzed water is created through the process that separates water into alkaline and acidic water, which is implemented by running the water through an electrolysis device.
Electrolyzed alkaline water produces alkaline water through an electrolysis reaction. Advanano's Spring Water does not require electricity or pressure to function. Instead, it achieves the effect of water purification in a purely physical way that is all-natural with no additives included in the process. As compared to electrolyzed water, Advanano's unique filtration mechanism can better prevent the oxidation of minerals.
RO water is the abbreviation for Reverse Osmosis water. The principle is to apply high pressure to penetrate a layer of reverse osmosis membrane in order to separate water molecules in the water from other substances. Due to the pores of the reverse osmosis membrane that are microscopic in size, which is only one thousandth of that of bacteria and viruses, pure drinking water can be easily filtered and produced via this technology.
RO water is clean, but while removing harmful substances, it also removes nutrients and minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Moreover, in the filtration process of RO water, a certain amount of water will be discarded, which causes wastage. On the other hand, Advanano Spring Water does not have these issues and instead, it produces high quality water filled with nutrients and minerals that are beneficial to our health.
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The Advanano Spring Water Filtration machine comes with three (3) years of hassle-free maintenance for every new purchase paid in full or installments.